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At any given time healthcare environments are subjected to some of the most chaotic workplace conditions. It’s an environment that moves at a frightening pace, but it is also an environment that is expected to offer comfort to patients in their care. Whether you are a caregiver or a patient, the healthcare environment needs to be flexible enough to meet a wide variety of needs.

Kimball Health recognizes the need for adaptive and robust workplace furniture within a healthcare environment. Kimball offers several products that work together to meet the challenge of a demanding workplace. Here are three of BOLD’s favorite Kimball Healthcare offerings.

Kimball Wilder


Wilder was designed for community spaces. Soft corners, gorgeous wood, and ergonomics all come into play for a warm and sophisticated setting. Wilder is as durable as it is attractive. The entire collection of guest, lounge rocker and bench solutions are able to withstand rigorous daily use. 

With a fully upholstered seating surface, Wilder is plush and comfortable. For patient settings, its charm, color, and soft textures invite people to sit and relax. All Wilder pieces can be easily moved and fit together naturally in any arrangement. 

The guest seating features an optional side table for personal items, while the rocker offers passive motion to ease anxiety. Also built for durability, this seating family features wall-saver legs, clean-out design, and optional metal leg ferrules.

Wilder Features

  • Wall-saver legs
  • 360° clean-out 
  • Adjustable glides
  • Fully upholstered seat and back
  • Optional moisture barrier on seat and back
  • Optional metal ferrules on legs provide increased durability

Kimball Sycamore Metal

Sycamore Metal

Quality and comfort come together in the Kimball Sycamore Metal offering. Sycamore’s functional design is perfect for the Healthcare environment and includes a convenient clean-out between the seat and back, and ergonomic features to support extended periods of waiting.

A perfect solution for common areas, Sycamore Metal’s small footprint and durable construction make it an easy solution for common areas and waiting spaces. Sycamore Metal is also well suited for exam rooms, private offices, and inpatient rooms. The entire seating collecting features tall, contoured backs, perfectly constructed to allow patients to sit back and relax.

The Sycamore Metal collection features a broad selection of useful pieces including guest, tandem, bariatric and patient seating. This offering can be used in public spaces ranging from lobby, guest and waiting areas. It is also well suited to be used in private areas such as exam rooms and private offices.

Sycamore Metal Features

  • Wall-saver design on guest, tandem, bariatric, patient and hip models
  • Clean-out between seat and back
  • Moisture-barrier available on seat
  • Contoured back for comfort
  • Durable metal frame finished in platinum metallic
  • Adjustable glides
  • Arm caps available in 3D laminate, solid surface and polyurethane
  • Solid surface option includes EOScu (Cupron Enhanced EOS) Preventive|Biocidal Surfaces™ A copper-oxide infused, solid surface material, EOScu kills >99.9% of harmful bacteria* within two hours of exposure.
  • Tandem tables available with platinum metallic legs and tops available in wood, HPL, or solid surface • Optional spill groove available on solid surface top

Kimball Alterna


Planning healthcare environments can be challenging. That’s why Kimball created Alterna. Form literally meets function in this union of sophisticated design and modular adaptability. 

Alterna is more than casegoods. It can seamlessly work with multiple offerings in a variety of applications. Modular components are easily installed and can be customized to fit any working healthcare space including breakrooms, conference spaces, and administrative offices. The beautiful thing about Alterna is when needs change, the modular components can easily be removed or reconfigured.

Alterna is dependable throughout the life of the product. High-quality construction means it will stand up to rigorous cleaning and multiple reconfigurations. Cabinets are made with durable laminate finishes and fitted with either high-pressure laminate or solid-surface tops.

The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly and Alterna from Kimball was designed to adapt.


  • Specify for all areas of the facility with a broad offering of standard product models.
  • Thanks to simple installation, components are removed, reconfigured and repurposed should needs change.
  • Designed to disassemble and reattach, so cabinets aren’t damaged when moved.
  • Upper and wall-mount cabinets are engineered to hang from z-brackets, eliminating the need for wall blocking.
  • Cabinets deliver fully assembled for quick and easy installation.
  • All base and storage cabinets come with adjustable levelers to quickly level on uneven floors.
  • Cabinets come in multiple width, depth and height options for easy configuration to specific needs.
  • Streamline your project schedule by having modular casework order and deliver with standard furnishings.
  • Modular casework can be registered as a capital asset vs. a fixed asset.
  • Offering big tax advantages, modular casework is considered furniture which depreciates on a seven year timeline.

Why Color in the Workplace is Important

Kimball Office Inspired

Imagine yourself sitting in a row of gray office cubicles with gray walls and gray furniture. How does that make you feel?

If you’re like most people, it probably makes you feel uninspired, maybe even a little depressed.

Fortunately, the days of Dilbert-style cubicles set in a cold and colorless office world is over. But how does color affect space? How can it be used to improve health, productivity, and happiness? Let’s explore why color in the workplace is so important.

Color Psychology

Marketers spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars a year figuring out how color will influence shoppers. You can use that same research to change moods and energy in the workplace.

Color Psychology at its core is the study of color and how it affects human behavior. Color can affect our focus, energy, and productivity. In many cases, humans don’t even realize their mood has changed due to the color of a wall or a piece of furniture. It can happen on the subconscious level, but it can have dramatic effects on overall behavior. 


Pictured: KORE, Wish

The color green has a strong correlation with nature and money. It also solicits feelings of growth, fertility, health, and generosity. Green makes a great accent wall or panel and can be used in breakrooms, breakaway areas and even at workstations.


Pictured: Boyd, Bloom

Blue is often associated with stability, peace, calm and trust. It’s no coincidence that financial firms choose blue as a brand color. In the office, blue can help collaborative spaces such as conference rooms, gathering spaces and small enclaves.


Pictured: Nash, Joelle

Red demands attention. Think of the red Corvette speeding down the freeway only to capture the attention of a state patrol car. Red is associated with excitement, passion, energy, and even danger. If you want to draw the eye to a specific location in the office, consider using a red side chair or similar piece. Red could also spark excitement in a lobby or conference space.


Pictured: Theo, KORE, Boyd

When you think of yellow, it’s easy to think of sunshine. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness, positivity, optimism, and summer. A spot of yellow in the office would be appropriate in a lobby, waiting for area or entryways. Share warmth and positivity with your guests when they enter your office.

As workers in the workplace, we inspire to be productive, efficient and maintain a good quality of life. As employers and business owners, you want the same thing for your workers. A healthy employee is a happy employee. Wouldn’t it make sense that our environment helps us achieve that goal? For questions about the products shown above or help to choose just the right color, contact the team at BOLD!

How Will Generation Z Influence the Workplace?

Pictured: Kimball Narrate

It’s no surprise to learn Generation Z is the social media generation. Always on and always connected. They are early adopters of start-up tech and, unlike previous generations, have not experienced an upbringing without internet technology readily available.

How does this translate into the workplace? It’s a question business need to address because, by 2020, people born after the mid-’90s will represent 20% of the workforce.

A Demand for Work-Life Balance

Generation Z is entering a burned-out workplace. Studies suggest seven in 10 Millennials experience at least some burnout at work. This trend is expected to increase as Gen Z enters the workforce. Striking a harmonious balance between work and life will be key in reducing turnover, sick leave and lack of productivity. 

One way businesses are addressing the work-life balance is by introducing more “life” into the workplace. This includes incorporating a residential or cafe vibe into portions of the floorplan. When office space resembles familiar out of work environments, workers tend to feel more at “home”. 

Kimball is well ahead of the curve with products that address the need for a more casual and comfortable workplace.

Xsede – Give your employees the option to select the desk height they feel more comfortable with — even if they’re working right next to each other.

Pairings – Pairings merges simple sofa/lounge collections with the more informal space where people work, team up, and gather, creating adaptable work settings that host teams and technology in comfort.

Narrate – This panel system offers end panels that can be customized. Divider walls that are more interesting than obtrusive. And the structural versatility to seamlessly accommodate any work situation from impromptu meetings to variable height desks.

JOLT – A wireless resonant charging device, JOLT can be positioned underneath any surface and enable multiple devices to be charged from one unit and at longer distances from the transmitter.

Communication Preferences

This may come as a surprise, but Generation Z prefers face-to-face communication in the workplace. Millennials pioneered many of the online communication apps we have today, but Generation Z has mastered them. So why do they prefer face-to-face communication?

Studies suggest a positive workplace experience includes socializing and interaction offline. This includes interfacing with management and leadership. It’s easy for a voice to become lost or misunderstood through online apps. When meeting in person, more information is shared through the interaction. Trust, loyalty, and friendships are formed and solidified in person.

Workplaces that acknowledge issue through collaborative spaces and team environments will attract and retain more Generation Z employees.

BOLD Office Solutions welcomes you to continue this conversation offline. Contact us for a sit-down and to share information that would help your workplace appeal to Generation Z.

Hot-Desking Solves Mobility Problems

Pictured: Kimball Narrate, Kore, Xsede Height Adjust

Largely considered an experiment not too long ago, hot-desking is rapidly being adopted in the modern workplace. Open Plan brought down walls and connected core groups to work collaboratively. Hot-desking takes this philosophy even further by giving employees freedom from having a dedicated desk and workspace. 

Perfect for The Sales Team

Being in sales means you are most likely managing accounts, meeting clients and nurturing leads. Essentially, you are always on the go. When a salesperson walks into the office, they need a place to charge up, make phone calls and pluck away on the laptop for an hour. As long as the right technology is in place, a space dedicated to hot-desking is a perfect solution for employees who frequently come and go.

Less Clutter

By not having a dedicated desk, employees are less likely to have a lot of clutter. Personal effects are always nice to have, but if the workstyle is nomadic in nature, there won’t be a need for personal clutter. This also includes paperwork, unnecessary peripherals, and accessories which aren’t a requirement for a mobile workforce.


If a worthy percentage of your workforce fits the hot-desking model, your business can save money by incorporating spaces dedicated to hot-desking. You’ll have less of a footprint and in today’s business environment, we all know square footage is expensive. You will have fewer components and expensive equipment to purchase. Studies suggest a business can save up to 30% by adopting a hot-desking workspace.

It’s Not For Everyone

While hot-desking is rising in popularity, it’s not a good fit for everyone. There are some obvious disadvantages to hot-desking and really depends on your work style.

People like to add a little (or a lot) of personality to their desk. With hot-desking, you can’t leave behind any personal belongings because someone else will inevitably be using the same space right after they leave. It also means chair settings, desk-heights, and other customizations can’t be guaranteed to remain intact after you leave. Sustained ergonomics are not included with hot-desking.

The idea behind hot-desking is a sound one. Why dedicate a large desk and accessories to an employee who may only need it occasionally? There are some things to consider before adopting the hot-desk trend. The best strategy is to start small. Gather your team and open the discussion. If it makes sense, you can start to incorporate hot-desking into the workplace. Be sure to contact BOLD Office solutions for any questions about hot-desking furniture and trends.

Coordinate the Look of Your Workplace with Kimball Pairings

Pictured: Pairings, Joelle, fiXt, Dock, Xsede, Helio

I think we can all agree that in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business world, a versatile workplace is essential. With careful planning and the right products, it doesn’t have to look like a yard sale of miss-matched furniture. With Kimball Pairings you get both versatility and an elegant look.

Kimball Pairings adapts to a variety of workplace conditions. It’s foolish to think everyone works the same. Pairings meet the demands of varying work styles and postures while also supporting the needs of privacy in a workplace climate accustomed to open planning.

Pairings is a simple yet elegant sofa and lounge collection that allows teams and small groups to gather in an informal space. Most lounge solutions are static and single-use, not Pairings. Create the space you need all with sacrificing comfort or access to technology.

The latest extension of the Pairings product portfolio, the Pairings Nook, provides enclosed spaces for a more private setting that supports collaboration or just casual conversation. To preview the Pairings Nook and Wood leg additions click here.

Pictured: Pairings, Joelle

What do you get when real estate shrinks and technology rapidly evolves? You get work styles which are more varied than ever. These changes present a number of challenges to workplace comfort, privacy, and productivity. With the Pairings collection, you don’t have to choose between open and closed spaces. Pairings is a simple lounge solution capable of being configured with other products and media. Made with comfort and flexibility in mind, Pairings gives you the freedom your workforce deserves.

Pictured: Pairings, Joelle and Dock

Today’s workplace needs supportive places for people to collaborate, relax and interact. Pairings offer unique applications to divide space and integrates seamlessly with other Kimball offerings. Contact BOLD Office Solutions to explore the Pairings Collection from Kimball.

Wellness in the workplace is a necessity

Pictured: Kimball Showroom, Atlanta

Living Walls

Do You know how you feel when you step outside into a park, the countryside or the mountains? Amazing, right? Most people feel pretty good outdoors. That’s because nature is an import part of our experience and offers a nice change of pace to the hustle and bustle of city life.

What if you could bring that amazing feeling into the workplace? The good news is, more and more businesses are adopting a wellness plan, which also means more options to accomplish this are being developed. This article provides more details environmental wall solutions that help give any space a taste of the great outdoors.

Living Green Walls Bring Nature Inside the Workplace

Behavior Wellness

Depression affects close to 15 million Americans a year (cited by The American Psychological Association). In addition, mental illness or disorders contribute to nearly $60 million dollars in expenditures, being one of the top conditions in the country.

While treating mental health conditions begins with awareness, it is largely more successful when individuals seek professional attention. The healthcare spaces created by Kimball Health products are a patients first impression when they walk into the clinic. Kimball recognizes the importance of crated spaces that are holistic, safe, and design well. Kimball’s mission continues to emphasize creative thinking and a deeper understanding of the human experience as it relates to spaces. Discover more about Kimball’s design approach to behavior wellness.

The New Behavioral Wellness

Relax in the Workplace

In our “always on, always connected” world, finding time or spaces that help us relax without interruptions are hard to find. Because of this, It’s no surprise that mindfulness is growing in mainstream markets such as healthcare environments and the workplace.

Meditation and yoga spaces are quickly being incorporated into healthcare and workplace floorplans. Corporations such as American Express and Nike have taken mindfulness training programs to their staff. Google has even started the program “Search Inside Yourself” to boost productivity and stave off burn-out.

When it comes to finding a place to relax in the workplace, it shouldn’t be difficult. When businesses and healthcare facilities adopt a well-being attitude and incorporate spaces dedicated to the practice of mindfulness and relaxation, it becomes much easier to unplug. Find out more about Kimball’s approach well-being in the workplace.  

Creating Comfort and Well-being in the workplace

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