Workplace Design Trends for 2020

Attracting and retaining quality talent will always be a high priority for growing businesses. Many factors contribute to this goal, but workplace design is arguably one of the most important reasons why top-level talent decides to stick around.

We all know some trends (good and bad) survived the 80’s but office furniture clearly isn’t one of them. Old and outdated workplace design sends the wrong message to prospective talent. Here are a few new design trends for 2020 that are worth implementing in your workplace.

Flexible Spaces

Multi-functional workspaces are nothing new and are considered a necessity in the modern office. Economic and technology conditions largely influenced the push towards a more flexible office, but as the mobile workforce continues grows at an alarming pace, the trend has become a reality.

Flexible workspaces in the office are now the new normal. Workplaces will continue to see a push towards multi-functional furniture that can shift and adapt to a dynamic workforce.

Natural Woods

Natural wood finishes and furniture are making a comeback in workplace design. Millennials are the number one driving factor for the resurgence. Now the largest workforce in the country, Millenials want to see employers focusing on sustainability. Businesses have no choice but to listen.

We should see more traditional products come in wood options, but unique applications will also become popular. Wood dividers, frames, accent pieces, and live-edge pieces will dominate the office landscape. Wood also aligns with a push to be more residential while giving space a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Bold Sustainability

As businesses embrace and perfect sustainable practices within the workplace, forward-thinking employers are taking it one step further with bold sustainable designs. The sustainable movement is diversifying materials and applications in amazing new ways.

We expect to see many new green products dominate the floorplan this year. It will no longer take a back seat in the breakroom. Expect to see sustainability on display in reception, conference, community and private office spaces. The sustainable office movement is definitely here to stay, which is good for the environment and employees.

Residential Vibe

This year we will continue to see the line blurred between work and home. Rebelling against the cubicle farms of yesterday, designers are bringing in a more residential vibe into the workplace.  

Also known as domesticated workplaces, designers are adding apartment-like touches including furnished kitchens, sofas and lounge seating, throw pillows, area rugs, and even potted plants. 

Now that you’ve heard our BOLD predictions for the workplace, we’d love to hear yours. Our goal is to gain a deeper understanding of workplace design and provide you with products and services that help shape the workplace of the future. Feel free to drop a comment below or contact us personally to explore trends in your workplace.

How Will Generation Z Influence the Workplace?

Pictured: Kimball Narrate

It’s no surprise to learn Generation Z is the social media generation. Always on and always connected. They are early adopters of start-up tech and, unlike previous generations, have not experienced an upbringing without internet technology readily available.

How does this translate into the workplace? It’s a question business need to address because, by 2020, people born after the mid-’90s will represent 20% of the workforce.

A Demand for Work-Life Balance

Generation Z is entering a burned-out workplace. Studies suggest seven in 10 Millennials experience at least some burnout at work. This trend is expected to increase as Gen Z enters the workforce. Striking a harmonious balance between work and life will be key in reducing turnover, sick leave and lack of productivity. 

One way businesses are addressing the work-life balance is by introducing more “life” into the workplace. This includes incorporating a residential or cafe vibe into portions of the floorplan. When office space resembles familiar out of work environments, workers tend to feel more at “home”. 

Kimball is well ahead of the curve with products that address the need for a more casual and comfortable workplace.

Xsede – Give your employees the option to select the desk height they feel more comfortable with — even if they’re working right next to each other.

Pairings – Pairings merges simple sofa/lounge collections with the more informal space where people work, team up, and gather, creating adaptable work settings that host teams and technology in comfort.

Narrate – This panel system offers end panels that can be customized. Divider walls that are more interesting than obtrusive. And the structural versatility to seamlessly accommodate any work situation from impromptu meetings to variable height desks.

JOLT – A wireless resonant charging device, JOLT can be positioned underneath any surface and enable multiple devices to be charged from one unit and at longer distances from the transmitter.

Communication Preferences

This may come as a surprise, but Generation Z prefers face-to-face communication in the workplace. Millennials pioneered many of the online communication apps we have today, but Generation Z has mastered them. So why do they prefer face-to-face communication?

Studies suggest a positive workplace experience includes socializing and interaction offline. This includes interfacing with management and leadership. It’s easy for a voice to become lost or misunderstood through online apps. When meeting in person, more information is shared through the interaction. Trust, loyalty, and friendships are formed and solidified in person.

Workplaces that acknowledge issue through collaborative spaces and team environments will attract and retain more Generation Z employees.

BOLD Office Solutions welcomes you to continue this conversation offline. Contact us for a sit-down and to share information that would help your workplace appeal to Generation Z.

The David Edwards Name is Synonymous with Quality

Pictured: David Edwards, Anora

Kimball Acquires Designer Furniture Brand, David Edwards

BOLD Office Solutions is excited to announce the new partnership between Kimball and David Edwards. This partnership means BOLD is now able to offer our clients David Edward products. David Edward is a premier designer and manufacturer of contract furniture, sold in the healthcare, corporate, education and premium hospitality markets. Continue reading

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